Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Goodbye Goats (for the winter)

Today the goats got shipped off to their winter retreat... otherwise known as the vet's barn. Since Woolard has been so bad lately (and not in the endearing way) it wasn't too sad to see him leave, knowing that he'll be back in the spring. And that I won't have to keep a close eye out for any signs of head-ramming while doing chores or simply walking through the barnyard! We were planning on moving the goats in the "goat transporter" (otherwise known as the pig transporter) with some palates in the back of the truck to make them a cozy home in the barn, but in the end we put the palates in the trailer because it is really hard to get the goat transporter onto the trailer with only two people. Lifting the goats into the back of the truck also proved to be a make-work project: they did not want to be lifted and they did not want to be in the truck. However, with some bribing (grain) and some quick working of the tailgate, we got them shipped off to their new home.

Since I didn't take any pictures today, I'll just put an older picture of the goats up.

This is the goats being bad, as usual... Eating a shrub that they shouldn't be. By the time they were done with it, there were no more leaves on the shrub... hopefully next year it will revive and we'll block it off more carefully!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A picture of the Pigs

Angelina (the mother of the five piglets) is the biggest black pig, Hock and Hammy are the two smaller black pigs, Gwen is the orange one (the Tamworth that we kept) and you can just barely see one of the piglets behind one of the boys near the back.

A couple weeks ago we sent three of the pigs in, and we are currently working on building an over winter house for the remaining pigs.

Baaaad Goats!

Everyone who has goats will tell you that they are bad. Honestly, I have never met anyone who doesn't say this. It was cute at first, when it was just Woolard being bad in a little boy way... now he is just being mean. He is especially fond of headbutting people who come to close to him, or just anybody he sees in general... He is still awfully cute though!
This is a picture of Woolard eating the tulip tree on our front lawn... which was not really appreciated! It was really funny though, because he has his feet on the one branch and is trying to reach up and eat off of a branch above him... it didn't work too well!