Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shipment of Birds

We recently shipped a bunch of birds, including all of our meat birds (the White Rocks), a couple spare ducks, and 3 of our turkeys. The meat birds are now in our freezer and mostly sold, as well as the ducks, and the turkeys are already eaten! We recently had Thanksgiving (a bit late) and we had our own turkey. It was quite good, but a little small for our family (these turkeys didn't get very big). We sold the other 2 to Buca, an amazing new restaurant in Toronto that also buy duck eggs and is opening soon!

New Duckies!

We put some duck eggs in the incubator a while back, and we had a really good turnout! Now we have ducks to our ears in 2 dog kennels in the basement! There are roughly 27 ducklings, and they are mostly runner ducks, although there is one calico one that most definitely isn't! They go through tonnes of food and water (ducklings are very messy drinkers) and will have to be moved to a bigger house soon. Sorry I don't have a picture! I still haven't found my card reader...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Fur and Feathers Show

Today was the fur and feathers show! This year we got there fairly early (around 7 in the morning) and brought back 10 new pets! We got 4 new quail to replace 2 of the ones that were eaten, 3 khaki ducks, 2 Harlequin ducks, and 1 Pekin cross that is buff coloured. They got to come home with us in a n old dog kennel, and in this picture you can clearly see that they aren't used to being near to people... They were "yelling" at me and smushing to the back corner as much as they possible could.

Gourmet at Stone Meadow

Last night Stone Meadow Farms hosted a fundraiser for the Guelph Youth Singers. It was a big success, and 38 people attended! Some of the menu items included; A Muscovy duck mole (kind of like a stew) with a chocolate spice sauce, our own Tamworth pork, 3 kinds of hot sauces made from very local tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos to go with our 3 colours of tortilla chips, and corn and wheat (white and whole wheat) with the regular fixings! The night was a lot of fun, and the food was really good, so thank you to everyone who came! We raised a bunch of money for the Guelph Youth Singers thanks to you!