Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Christmas Time!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!! Since I still don't have a card reader, I'm not going to be able to put on any new pictures for now, but if I can find one, I'll put up an old one in another post. With a story of course!

On a more farm-y note, I'll talk about life on the farm . Basically, it's never fun to have animals (especially chickens) in the winter. The water freezes over, and we have to haul it all out by hand becuase the hoses don't work when water freezes. The chickens don't like the cold, and spend most of their time inside huddled together in an attemp to stay warm. The adventurous ones (in other words, the stupid ones) who do go outside often get frostbite on their combs and toes. Thats never fun to deal with. The turkeys -who always complain anyways- come up to you when you go out, and seem to say "why is it so cold out?" like they blame you for their discomfort. If the runner ducks don't get to wash their faces in water, they get bad eyes, which makes them look really bad, especially the white ones. Nothing exciting really happens in the winter becuase all the chickens stay cooped up inside, so I probably won't have much to say when it's cold out (not that I've been updating much anyway).