Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new puppy!

Very shortly we will be bringing the newest member of our family home... A chow-shepherd, shepherd-lab cross puppy! He is 8 weeks old, and a boy from a litter of 7(or so) puppies. These are some (not very good) pictures I took of him when I went to go meet him. I'm sure I'll take lots more pictures when he comes home later today! He is very "chewy" and was trying to eat our pants! Apparently the smell of chicken poo is very appetizing for him... He is very energetic, and loves to play "tag" with the other puppies by running around with a water bottle or a stick. This should make Asha happy, as that's her favourite game too. We're really hoping that he is well received by the other animals. Kiri, however, is very reclusive and doesn't really like any other dogs. Asha likes to gently nibble on the cat's heads, so hopefully she won't think that the puppy is her new chew toy... We don't think the cats will be very thrilled at us, as they're not that fond of small jumpy things that try to chase them. The only problem with getting a puppy now is that it was really short notice, so we're barely ready to bring him home! There's still very chewable objects laying around the whole house which will need to get squirreled away to unreachable places before he gets here and decides that he wishes to teeth on "the economist". Another problem is that we don't have a name for him! So far the names we've come up with and sort of like are Tarak, Adair, Stoke, and Kazlo. And puddles... but that doesn't really count. We're pretty sure that we're going to call him Kazlo (because you have to admit, Kazlo and Kiri sounds really cute! I'm not sure where Asha fits into that... Asha, Kiri, and Kazlo just doesn't have the same ring!)

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