Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More new birds

Yesterday morning (very, very early) we got some new animals! We got 18 turkey poults, 3 Jungle fowl chicks, and 3 Silver Splash Cochin's!

Birds have an uncanny ability to look dead when they are sleeping. I always have to check their still alive; they get me every time! Turkey poults are always really cute, then again, most baby animals are cute!

Jungle Fowl chicks always have a little bandit mask that makes them look like they're up to no good. They're relatively small chicks, mostly because they are relatively small chickens. We got these guys because we seem to be all out of Jungle fowl roosters... And surprisingly enough, it's hard to breed chickens if you only have hens! Hopefully these chicks will sort out our problems and soon we can hatch our own Jungle Fowls.

Cochin's are the newest variety of chickens at our farm! We saw some this year at the fur and feathers show, and decided we had to get some! We waited to get ours from an actual hatchery, instead of at the (slightly overpriced) show. These are some really funny chicks! They are going to be HUGE and have fluffy legs! Hopefully they work for us, and as soon as they're fully grown I'll put more pictures and information on here about them.


  1. They are so cute. Will have to come to visit and have tea one of these days.

  2. yes, that is a great idea! And maybe you could bring some books for me ;)