Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All the Babies of Summer

This time of year is always really busy for us because there's always a lot of young animals. Right now the main thing we have is DUCKS! There are ducklings EVERYWHERE you look! They are mostly Muscovy crosses and are all different ages because they've just been hatched by random ducks in the barn.

There are also two ducklings with "shower caps" which make me laugh. Sadly they don't have much function. Whatever. As one (wise) farmer once said, "you have to have pets"!

We also ordered some chicks that we've had for a week or two now. There are some Ameraucana's and some Rhode Island Red's. Today we're putting some other (younger) chicks and quails into the same pen. Hopefully they'll get along okay because right now they live in my room which is not a good place for chicks.

The turkeys that were in our basement now live outside as well. The chickens are looking great! The latest thought is to try showing them for fun! It would definitely be interesting at least...

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