Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Goodbye Goats (for the winter)

Today the goats got shipped off to their winter retreat... otherwise known as the vet's barn. Since Woolard has been so bad lately (and not in the endearing way) it wasn't too sad to see him leave, knowing that he'll be back in the spring. And that I won't have to keep a close eye out for any signs of head-ramming while doing chores or simply walking through the barnyard! We were planning on moving the goats in the "goat transporter" (otherwise known as the pig transporter) with some palates in the back of the truck to make them a cozy home in the barn, but in the end we put the palates in the trailer because it is really hard to get the goat transporter onto the trailer with only two people. Lifting the goats into the back of the truck also proved to be a make-work project: they did not want to be lifted and they did not want to be in the truck. However, with some bribing (grain) and some quick working of the tailgate, we got them shipped off to their new home.

Since I didn't take any pictures today, I'll just put an older picture of the goats up.

This is the goats being bad, as usual... Eating a shrub that they shouldn't be. By the time they were done with it, there were no more leaves on the shrub... hopefully next year it will revive and we'll block it off more carefully!


  1. Iguess I made myself into a rather apt target for the goadts when I was there the other weekend. Now I know better than to bend over.

    Andrew's pics turned out well. will have to send you a few of the better ones.

  2. Now that is suck an good picture! I think like carter he just needs to be told who the boss is! funny thing is I stood my ground with him like he was going to be a way ward ol goat and he left me alone and went after your lovely mom!

  3. Don't take the goats personally... they like to take their teenage angst out on anybody around them... kind of like people do too ;)

    I would love some of Andrew's pictures! His camera is much nicer than mine...