Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bacon's Bacon

I keep forgetting to write about things as they happen, so here in the consensus on Bacon's meat. Everybody loves the meat from Bacon because it is really tender and juicy and yummy! The bacon is a big hit, and everybody who has tried it so far has asked for more! The pork loins are also really good, especially because the chef of the family has done some great dishes with them. They have been enjoyed by many guests, and there's still more because Bacon was such a big pig! We also made guanchale for the first time, which is the cheek of the pig seasoned and hung in a cold room. It turned out really well, and is really good when it's cooked and added to other foods, like soup or salads as it is really salty. Bacon produced a lot of sausage as well (over 70lbs!) so we eat that occasionally too. One of my favourites with the sausage is a disk of polenta that has been fried with a slice of sausage on top and a dab or creme fresh with basil on top. It makes a great appetizer, and lots of people have enjoyed it! We have yet to try the ribs (which will probably be my first time ever eating ribs) and I'm looking forward to it! I will post more as we try more of the different types of meat!

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