Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Hawk

I thought that I had blogged about the hawk before, but apparently I haven't? I think it might have just been in the post about the turkeys though. Anyway, just to clarify, the hawk who eats our chickens in regular intervals has a friend now... I guess that word is getting out that we're the best place to eat around here. I had always hoped it would be for people though. We really don't appreciate the hawks eating our animals actually, and would like it if they would just go away. Sadly they don't seem to understand us, or if they do they just don't care. Either way, we have decided that we need to use force to get rid of them. Or at least scare them off for a long time. The problem is, they only come once every couple days, and it's usually when nobody is home, so we come home to a nice dead animal laying in the yard. Yay... But that's not really what we want to see when we come home. Someone proposed that we got someone to shoot the hawk. However, we don't really like the idea of shooting something like that, especially because we might just injure it and that would be no good. Then someone suggested an alarm system that would make a loud noise at them. As good as that seems in theory, it isn't very practical because how would you set that up? Any other suggestions are welcome, because this is really a problem for us. We do not wish to have a gourmet hawk feeding restaurant...

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