Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eating Like Pigs

In my last post about pigs I showed some pictures of the pigs eating. Well now I've gone out and taken a video of the pigs eating.
*WARNING-You may not want to watch this right before you eat!*

Aren't pigs dainty eaters... This happens twice a day rain or shine (although the pigs don't really like the rain) It starts off with them squealing loudly when they feel that they're entitled to their meal. Next comes the eating of the feet (you'd think they would learn that they don't get fed when they try to eat our feet...) and then the pushing and shoving when they try to put their head in the bucket of food before it's in the trough. Apparently they're starving and need to eat right that second, but it makes it hard to get the food into the buckets and not on their heads! And finally they get to eat. Very noisily. And rather sloppily. Of course the sow (Angelina) gets the most food, not only because she's bigger, but because she's the most aggressive and tries not to let the other pigs near the food.

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