Thursday, September 10, 2009


Asha is our "baby" dog! She's a German/Shiloh Shepherd which means that she is bred to have good hips and a flat back. Asha is slightly neurotic; she is fixated on light and shaddows. She'll stand with her tail wagging and her toungue slightly out. I call it her "shaddow face" even though she likes lights more. At first we let her play with them, but it got worse so we try to discourage her from that now. Asha has tonnes of energy, and she's very skinny even though she eats over 4 cups of food a day! Asha likes to lick peoples faces and sit on their laps, especially mine! She's our 70lb lap dog. She's very smart and learns quickly. I LOVE German Shepherds and reccomend them to anyone who likes big energetic dogs who love to do whatever you're doing.


  1. Hey what about metioning her favorite cew toy is Woolie?

  2. Asha is amazing :) lol she looks so cute in that picture too :P i love walking into your house because i always get an energetic welcome from Asha :)

  3. She always looks cute! Sometimes she feels like she has to protect us though, and then it isn't so fun to get in her way... she has a very loud bark!