Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stevie and Splinter

Stevie was a rescue cat from the barn beside our house that got torn down. Her brother, Splinter was also rescued with her and went to live with "the cousins". Stevie was not an outdoorsy cat that liked to eat and sleep and sit on you. She was rather fat, but we all loved her. Stevie died when she was 12, probably because of all the extra fat in her body. She got put down at a vets office and we took her home and buried her in our new backyard. Splinter lived with our cousins for most of his life. He was really mean and would swipe at you if you went near him. Due to some complications, after Stevie died he ended up coming to live with us. By this time he was partly senile and had decided that he didn't hate everyone anymore... now he wanted to have all the attention on him. He was the cat that just kept going and long overstayed his welcome in our house. He died at the age 18 a ratty old mess, and got cremated in our own fire pit. Not many people missed him. This is a picture of Splinter.

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