Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emma Dog

Emma was a German Shepherd who came as a full-grown dog from the humane society after she had puppies. She was a great dog who fiercely guarded the family. She also guarded her food... when I was very young, I got into her food and she bit me right around the eyes. My mother took me to the hospital, where she was sure they would try to take away her dog and her child... they actually commented on how gentle Emma had been. She could have crushed my skull if she wanted to. Sadly Emma died of old age. We buried her on a colourful piece of cardboard in our backyard. We all miss her but at least she died of old age, not a medical reason. She was a great dog and I love Shepherd!

1 comment:

  1. Emma was the greatest Dog ever who liked to walk herself with nan in toronto walking into fire halls and police stations just so nan could say hi! A dog hard not to fall in love with! especially when she still had her whole tail and could clear coffee tables!