Sunday, August 9, 2009

Emden Geese

Like Canadian geese, Emden geese are territorial and vicious. In 2007 we decided to try out some geese. We bought and raised the goslings to see if we liked having geese, and to see if we liked the meat. To say the least, we like the meat, but not the geese. We kept a breeding pair and called them Carter and Lucy. When they were younger, the geese were pretty tame to our family. This changed as they got older. At one point, if you got near Carter, he would hiss at you and if you didn't go away, he would grab onto your leg with his serrated bill and beat you with his wings. Lucy laid an egg... once. Last year we got Carter and Lucy to hatch and take care of some goslings. They grew to be even more fierce than their parents but we kept an additional one to keep our breeding program going. Or so we thought. We accidentally managed to keep 3 males! So now they run rampant in the barnyard terrifying anybody that comes their way... I don't suggest that anyone who has to get near them should get them. Especially if they have other animals or children.

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