Monday, August 10, 2009

Silkie Chickens

Silkies are very funny looking birds. First of all, their skin, bones and organs are black, but their "feathers" are white. Their "feathers" aren't really even feathers... they stay fluffy and soft. They have little pom-poms on their heads so they look like poodles. Silkies are a delicacy to some, but we've never eaten them because they are about the size of a Jungle Fowl. We bring them to the fur and feathers show, where we can get a decent price for them. When they are crossed with other types of chickens, they have interesting results... very soft feathers and half pom-poms! Silkies are great if you have a hobby farm, and they come in a variety of colours, although we've only had white. This isn't a great picture, and I'll put a better one on as soon as I find my picture uploader thing...

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