Sunday, August 9, 2009

African geese

African geese are expensive. We however managed to obtain one for free! Every spring and fall there is the fur and feathers show, which we go to at least once every year to buy and sell birds. African geese go for 100 dollars each at this show. By the time we got there, they were also all sold, so we thought that we were out of luck and would have to wait another year to get one. However, we found someone who had bought an African goose, which had laid an egg. We offered to buy the egg, but they gave it to us for free! We brought it home with us and put it into our incubator in the basement. Surprisingly, it hatched! I named the goose Titus and he now roams around with all the other fowl. African geese are very pretty, and if you spend time with them, they get pretty tame. As with other geese, I don't suggest getting one if you have children there often. Titus is the dark one, and all the others are Muscovy ducks.