Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tamworth pigs

This year we decided that we wanted to try out pigs. We contemplated a couple kinds, but decided on Tamworth pigs when the only place to get the other ones we wanted was in the United States. Tamworth pigs range in colours from orangish, to slightly purpleish. They have big ears that look a bit like a dogs ear. We got 2 of them, both girls and called them Bacon and DaLoiney. We picked them up in the back of our pickup truck, which was fairly simple. Getting them out was the problem. We had a ramp, but it was short, so it was really steep and the pigs didn't want to get out of their comfy straw in the truck. We got DaLoiney out by pushing at her, but Bacon didn't want to get out. We eventually managed to get her out of the truck, and she ran down the ramp squealing. They live in a semi-forested area where they root around in the dirt and lie in the shade. They also have a little house that they go into when it rains. Since I haven't tried their meat yet, I can't recommend them based on that, but they are very nice pigs; we can go in and pat them if we want to!

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